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GD Tango

GD Tango represents the partnership of Guillermo De Fazio of Los Hermanos Macana, and Giovanna Dan. Currently based in Los Angeles, California, the duo has been spreading tango together worldwide since 2015.   In addition to  dedicating their time to growing Argentine tango in LA, Guillermo and Giovanna also create their own productions and travel around the world teaching and performing at different events and festivals.  Their work has taken them all across the USA as well as South America, Europe, Asia, and Dubai. GD Tango was recently featured in a PBS special at the Hollywood Bowl with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Symphony, choreographing for commercials for important companies including Geico, and performing on television channels including Telemundo and Univision. Guillermo and Giovanna are currently growing their company, and their own production called "Once Upon a Tango". 


Guillermo De Fazio

Guillermo De Fazio, from the famous sibling duoLos Hermanos Macana, is a world renown Argentine tango performer, choreographer, and teacher. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Guillermo and his brother studied tango and other popular dances from an early age. In 1995, Los Hermanos Macana had their tango debut, and by 1998 they invented the choreography "Mala Junta" that would lead them to dance in the most prominent theaters and events worldwide. In 2001, they participated in the Robert Duvall film "Assassination Tango" and following that, they continued to tour the world nonstop, sharing the stage with artists such as Placido Domingo. In 2011, the brothers were invited by Mikhail Baryshnikov to perform in major art festival and in 2012, they began to tour their very own entertainment company, Tango Macho. Tango Macho, comprised of the original sibling duo, the best dancers of Argentina, and live authentic tango music, brought the brothers to Los Angeles, where Guillermo currently resides. Since 2015, Guillermo has been developing his own productions and touring the world with GD Tango, most recently featured at the Hollywood Bowl with the LA Philharmonic. 


Giovanna Dan

Giovanna Dan, born and raised in Los Angeles, has Argentine tango flowing through her veins; daughter of the legendary dancer and Forever Tango star Zita Gonzalez, Giovanna grew up around the art form. Starting at the age of 4, Giovanna stayed close to her roots by dancing Argentine Folk and eventually decided to follow her mother’s footsteps and pursue tango. Reflecting her passion to preserve Argentine culture, Giovanna founded Tangaucho youth group where she directs the future generations of Argentine folk and tango dancers in Los Angeles. With extensive training in various styles from belly dancing, to hip hop, to modern dance, Giovanna continued her dance education at the University of California Los Angeles where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Dance/Choreographic Studies. Since 2010, Giovanna has been seen in various tango and folklore productions across the country and internationally, including Master Gaucho Productions, Tango Macho,Tango Buenos Aires, and Tango Under the Stars with the LA Philharmonic Symphony. Currently Giovanna is developing projects with GD Tango, as they teach and perform around the world.